Month: October 2014

Super Slow-Mo Horse Jumping

Created from one original photo of Ellen Whitaker from Horsemart. 5 seperate depths painted in Photoshop for a parallax effect. Animated in After Effects using IK and the puppet pin tool. Music: Ennio Morricone – L’Estasi Dell’oro (Bandini...

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Shopping for a saddle?

Here are some tips! Are you small in the body but long in the leg? You may be a perfect candidate for a long flap. If the store does not have a long flap saddle in stock, but has the next size saddle, you can see if a long will fit the leg. The Long Flap saddles are usually the next size saddle’s flap size. – If you are normally a 16.5, sit in a 17 to see if the flap will suit. There will be a slight difference in how the you sit in the larger saddle but...

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